You provide Papua New Guinean pastors with study Bibles

Although the Ligga Life Bible College in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is understaffed, under-resourced, and underfunded, it’s pushing forward. The workers handle their own food farming, maintenance, and cooking to keep food on the table while growing in their knowledge of the Word of God and their faith.

Matt working in small groups on the Scripture Application and Leadership Training discipleship training material.

One thing they can’t do for themselves is provide enough Bible reference materials and study Bibles for the Papua New Guinean pastors and mission workers who take their courses.

With help from Matt Gentry, a Scripture engagement worker in PNG, Austin Ridge Bible Church in Texas put together an Amazon Wishlist through which people could buy these materials. The church then sent the items to JAARS, who used funds from our CORE Mission Operations to ship them to PNG.

A few days after Matt and the church sent the request, most of the items on the list had been bought. Pray with us that they reach the Bible college safely.




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