Jaars Center

Experience JAARS

See firsthand what it takes to support Bible translation.

Almost 600 people work at our headquarters in Waxhaw, North Carolina. They’re trainers, pilots, software developers, managers, boat captains, and more—people who’ve served all over the world. Most work directly at JAARS, but both SIL International and Wycliffe US have key staff here as well. Come for a visit and learn how we are working daily to support Bible translation teams across the globe.


Events at JAARS offer opportunities year-round where individuals and families can learn what it takes support Bible translation in remote, difficult places—while learning how they can be involved in this life-transforming work.

Church Opportunities

We offer a range of hands-on experiential and training opportunities to help church members grow in their understanding of, commitment to, and competency in missions—and to support the Church in fulfilling its Great Commission calling.


See how God uses people with a variety of skills, training, and experience to support Bible translation! Tours last 2.5 hours, starting most weekdays at 9:30 a.m. Afterward, you can grab lunch on campus or visit our museums.


Our museums take a close look at the heart of our work—language, culture, and Bible translation. Come trace the history of writing. Or study a Mexican president who deeply valued minority languages.