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Skill, knowledge, experience: These are key elements that can make all the difference when approaching missions in a challenging new setting.

Especially when your role is to solve critical logistical problems for workers who are already there. For those preparing for work in the world of Bible translation, JAARS provides the focused, specialized training that is vital in many different areas.

Why is JAARS needed?

Our Bible translation partners have distinct and varied training needs.

Their staff who will work overseas with diverse teams of colleagues in countries with unfamiliar cultures need spiritual, emotional, and practical preparation for the challenges they will face. Their pilots and aircraft mechanics need specialized skills to operate safely in remote and difficult places.

Mother-tongue translators who receive expensive tools like motorbikes, 4WD vehicles, and boats need to learn how to operate and maintain them safely and effectively.

Translators and language workers whose projects require water transportation may face travel via an overcrowded, ill-equipped local watercraft. For them, reliable water safety gear and training in how to use it is essential.

How You Can Help


Your gift will help us provide focused, specialized training in a variety of areas that are crucial for those preparing to work in the world of Bible translation. Thank you!

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Pray that God will mightily use our instructors to provide effective, useful training for those preparing for missions work.

What is JAARS doing?

With 70 years of experience in the field of Bible translation support, JAARS is uniquely equipped to provide a wide range of proven training.
Aviation Training

Aviation Training

Our veteran team of aviation instructors prepare pilots, mechanics, and administrators for service in mission aviation overseas. This training ensures both technical competency and the proper mindset.

Intercultural Communications Course

JAARS Training Department

Overseas missions is a multicultural effort that meets challenges, conflict, and uncertainty. Our trainers have been there and know the challenges firsthand. We offer a four-week Intercultural Communications Course, Learning that LASTS – Training of Trainers, Personal Development, as well as other types of training.

Water Safety Kits and Training

We provide training in how to use water safety gear and personal watercraft, conducted at both the JAARS Center and in many overseas locations. We can also provide training for passenger vessels that serve multiple projects regionally, and training in the operation of specific vessels for captains, crew, and mechanics.

4WD and Motorcycle Driver and Maintenance Training

Our 4WD and motorbike training covers both basic and advanced driving skills and routine maintenance. Training is available at the JAARS Center as well as overseas upon vehicle delivery … whatever it takes to provide solutions that are both locally appropriate and sustainable.

To request more information or class dates, contact us below.

Who benefits from our work?

Hundreds of missionaries have depended on our training solutions for help as they prepare for or go about their demanding, sometimes risky work overseas.
  • Pilot-mechanics like Josh Eicholtz, who recalled his mountain-flying training at JAARS: “I’ve never landed on anything like that before!” Now he’s flying into the challenging mountain airstrips of Papua New Guinea, thankful for the rigorous instruction he received at JAARS.
  • Translation workers like Mindy Clover, who was preparing to serve in the Pacific: “When I took the wheel of the 4WD vehicle to begin driving, I was very nervous and frightened. I took great comfort in trusting Jesus … and felt privileged to have such experts at JAARS to train us.”

Ultimately, everyone who takes advantage of our training solutions shares our goal: that one day the millions of people still eagerly waiting to hear and understand God’s Word in the language they know best will experience the life-transforming power of the gospel.

Training Solutions
How You Can Help

With 75 years of experience in the field of Bible translation support, JAARS is uniquely equipped to provide a wide range of proven training. We invite you to come alongside us—in prayer, with advocacy, and as “gospel patrons” who can help fund this eternal work.

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