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100% of giving to Transportation, Technology, Media, or Training Solutions goes directly to those designated areas. This is possible because JAARS is blessed to cover roughly 2/3 of our core operating expenses—including research and development, certain project management and training needs, communications, fundraising, and a range of missionary support services—through our own operations. The balance is covered by generous gifts to our CORE Mission Operations and, when necessary, funds from Where Needed Most.

For designated gifts, funding in excess of current needs will be applied
to future needs within the same Solutions area.

What Others Say

We’ve been an accredited
member since 1989.
Their seal marks our
commitment to transparency.

Why You Can Trust Us

We aim for truth and transparency.

For everything we do, we try to give you a clear, realistic look at why we’re needed, what we’re doing, and who will benefit. And we give you updates as the work moves forward, all the way to completion.

We audit regularly.

We have a thorough internal auditing process, and we also hire a certified public accounting firm to audit our finances every year. We also:

We carefully choose, oversee, and implement our solutions.

If you see it here, you know we’ve done the due diligence to make commitments that not only meet a real need but that are locally appropriate and sustainable.

2019 Stewardship Results


  • Contributions: 83.0%
  • Program Activity Revenue: 13.0%
  • Investment and Other Income: 4.0%


  • Transportation: 35.5%
  • Information Technology: 7.3%
  • Media: 2.8%
  • Ministry Operations: 39.1%
  • Management and General: 10.7%
  • Fundraising: 4.6%

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For more details, see our charitable solicitation disclosures or our 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS.