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Cell tower in Papua New Guinea Photo: The PNG Experience

Even in the most remote parts of Papua New Guinea, mobile phone service is growing. It is not unusual for people in rural areas of PNG to be able to listen to tokples (heart language) Scriptures on their cell phones—via an Internet website or micro SD cards that contain translated Scriptures.

The recordists at the Ukarumpa recording studios play a vital role in making these Scriptures available. Using the Hear This software application, they can record translated Scripture and transfer it to micro SD cards, wifi hotspots, or an Internet website, as well as audio Scripture players. With many translation projects waiting to be recorded, pray that God will provide the resources needed to make it happen.

Where the Sangu people live
Sangu people in Madundas read I, II Peter, and Jude in community testing
The Sangu language group is part of the Mbeya Cluster, a group of 10 languages working together to develop writing systems, translate Scripture, sponsor schools, and improve literacy. 
The people live in villages to the north and east of Mbeya; many are difficult to reach by land. When it was time for a community test of newly translated Scriptures, our pilot flew the translation team to Madundas, a village with a near-by airstrip. Driving there would take a half-day each way in the best of conditions, and require an overnight stay. In the rainy season, the road is basically impassible while the airstrip remains useable. But with the airplane, the four-person team was able to do a full day of testing and return to Mbeya that afternoon. Just this one flight saved them four “man-days” of travel, time that otherwise would have been lost to their primary task of Bible translation. 
A translation adviser with the group, said that as the Scriptures were being read, “One man, very enthusiastic, always interrupted the readings and said: ‘Wow, this is well-written—I like it!’ ”
In flight to Elcho Island Chuck Grimes & Randall Pearson (front) and translators Djawut (left rear) & Yurranydjil
Translators Djawut (left) & Yurranydjil (right) boarding the plane with consultant Chuck Grimes and pilot Randall Pearson at Darwin for the 2 1/2 flight to Elcho Island and the town of Galiwinku
“Transporting and caring for the logistics of people doing Bible translation work is the core of what [my wife] Shirl and I do here in Australia. Between Shirl assisting with a myriad of administrative details and me looking after the safe operation of the airplane, there is rarely a dull moment.”            
              Randall Pearson, pilot, Northern Australia
Our pilot Randall flew Wangurri translators Djawut and Yurranydjil from Elcho Island to Darwin for a final consultant check of the book of Mark. The check is the final step in finalizing any scripture portions for publication. Consultant Chuck Grimes joined them for the trip back to Elcho Island. This trip allowed them to work with people who have not been exposed to the translation to verify that the intended meaning of the book is clearly communicated in Wangurri.