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Marlene Bussert shares about her overseas experiences as a wife and mom.
Wives of our aviation orientees meet each Monday morning.

While their husbands are fine-tuning their flying and fixing skills for serving overseas, the wives of our aviation orientees meet on Monday mornings with Penny Tallman and Nancy Ramsdale to visit and talk about different aspects of living overseas. Between them, Penny and Nancy and their families served in Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Peru, and the Philippines. In addition, women with overseas experience come to present and discuss topics like handling cultural transition, health and safety, and children’s education.  

Orientees at Mountain Week

JAARS is a finalist again this year for a Lightspeed Aviation Foundation grant.  If we win, we'll use the grant to invest in people -- those who fly and maintain aircraft in the most remote parts of the world. From pre-field orientation to recurrent training our aviation training program helps equip pilots and mechanics for ongoing safe and effective ministry. 

It's quick and easy! Go here to cast to your vote and help us win! Thank you!

During a recording of the Gospel of Luke into a local language, sound technicians selected a community member to be the voice for the recording. He agreed, but after many readings of the Scripture, he suffered a terrible throat attack. Suddenly he was not able to speak properly. The team prayed together, and miraculously he was healed. By God’s grace, he was able to finish his part in one week.

Praise God for this man’s healing and that the team was able to complete the recording of the Gospel of Luke.
Pray for the recording team’s good health and safe travel for upcoming recordings. Also, please ask God to help them find good voices willing to serve as readers.