Recent Updates & Stories

From late January to mid-March, with the Coweambah anchored off Thursday Island, its Scripture engagement team connected with many community and church leaders to promote the use of newly printed Scriptures and other materials in languages of the Torres Strait.
  • At a gathering of local ministers, arranged by the Thursday Island mayor Napau Steven, the team shared the vision of Islanders engaging with the Bible in their own languages. According to one senior pastor, the gathering "stirred up the ministry of the body of Christ like a breath of fresh air." Later, attendance at a language symposium organized by the Gab Titui Cultural Centre afforded an opportunity to speak with Islanders gathered from all over the Torres Strait and share their dreams and hopes for ongoing use of their languages.
  • On a visit to the city library, the team provided a Yumplatok Bible, Islander praise song CDs, and a list of all materials available in Islander heart languages. The librarian, Mavis Bani, was very excited about having more materials available in Islander heart languages, especially the Yumplatok version of the Jesus Film DVD series.
  • A Christian book store is now stocked with a display copy of the Yumplatok Bible and several Yumplatok children’s books after a contact from the team. These materials can be ordered through the book store.
  • A meeting with John McSweeny, supervisor of Torres Strait Island schools, provided helpful information about the use of local languages on various islands and about Yumplatok’s use as a spoken language.
By connecting, listening, and learning, the team came to a better understanding of how Islanders are currently seeking to use their languages in community and church life—knowledge that will help AuSIL and JAARS plan the next phase of the Torres Strait ministry.
Spring 2015 Pre-field Graduates

Congratulations to our 2015 pre-field orientation graduates and their families! They'll be flying and fixing in support of Bible translation in Kenya, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Australia.