Our Mission

We reduce barriers, ease burdens and deliver God’s Word. We do that by training, equipping, deploying and sustaining individuals, teams and stations to aid in the work of proclaiming the gospel to the whole creation.

We deliver God’s Word.

Nearly 1.5 billion people, using more than 5,500 languages, do not have a full Bible in their first language. Many of these people live in the most remote parts of the world, where JAARS is uniquely called and equipped to reach. We work tirelessly to get there—so every person on earth can learn the truth of God’s love, follow Jesus Christ, and make disciples in their own communities.


We train Christian workers to operate safely in both diverse and challenging conditions and cultures in the air, on land, and at sea.


We equip the global Church with the tools and infrastructure needed to reduce the barriers in their path, ease burdens they should not have to bear alone, and deliver God’s Word.


We deploy personnel and operational assets to sustain air, land, and sea operations in the most remote locations on the planet.


We sustain the challenging work of proclaiming the gospel by preempting and providing for the needs of our Bible translation partners worldwide so that they can continue effective ministry.