Recent Updates & Stories

Through God’s provision and our partnership with AuSIL, a solid foundation for the new Scripture engagement initiative in the Torres Strait Island region is in place. In the first six months, the crew of the Coweambah established important relationships with Islander church and civic leaders while promoting the newly printed Scriptures in languages of the Torres Strait.

The growing interest among Islanders for using the Yumplatok New Testament is encouraging. There’s also a growing desire to use the Yumplatok Scriptures as a tool to accelerate translation into the actual heart languages of the Torres Strait. We praise God for all that’s been accomplished during the first phase of this project!

That said, operating in the Torres Strait for just six months has given us the chance to better understand both the opportunities and challenges that exist. In collaboration with AuSIL, we’ve decided to take some time to evaluate the situation and better equip ourselves to engage in the Torres Strait … and perhaps beyond into areas like the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. After laying a solid foundation for ongoing impact, but with several of these questions in mind, our program managers have also decided to take a new assignment with Wycliffe US.
So, while Scripture engagement and even additional heart language translation is underway in the Islands, “on-the sea” operations are currently on hold while we work with AuSIL to pray, assess, and plan the best next steps. We appreciate your prayers for the next phase of the program.

Ask God to reveal his love and transforming power to the people of the Torres Strait.

Praise God for the relationships built by Coweambah’s crew and the progress made in a relatively short time.

Pray for AuSIL and JAARS leadership as they fine-tune plans for Scripture distribution and engagement in the Torres Strait and nearby regions.

Orientees in PT6A engine course

Our spring aviation orientees have been in the hangar classroom this week in a PT6A turbine engine training course. This engine powers the Kodiak in Papua New Guinea and the PC-6 in Indonesia.