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In many regions of the Pacific Islands, people are much more likely to study, understand, and share audio Scriptures. But first, someone must make the Scripture recordings and transfer them to audio Scripture players. At the Ukarumpa Training Center, Papua New Guineans are doing just that.

Recording Scripture
New Project

Fall 2015 Aviation Pre-Field Orientation began today with orientees eventually headed for service in Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

Fall orientees point out where they will be serving in support of Bible translation.
  • Pray for the orientees and their families as they settle in on the JAARS campus and adjust to full-time training after many months of travel and partnership development.
  • Pray for safety and wisdom for the flight and maintenance instructors as they prepare to teach.
  • Pray for the orientees to have open minds as they learn the JAARS corporate culture and philosophy of flight in preparation for overseas missions flying.

As part of our partnership with Mission Aviation Fellowship International (MAF-I), our pilot, Steve Ottaviano, flies to medical safari clinics that MAF-I conducts with participating mission hospitals. With the plane in Mbeya, he serves six villages every month, with medical staff from three different mission hospitals. After loading the staff, they fly to the villages between 50 and 100 miles away. The plane (along with the pilot) sits for about six hours, while the doctors, nurses, and dentists attend to the people who have come from miles around.

While waiting, Steve carefully walks the airstrip looking for things like thorn bushes, termite mounds, and other stuff that could damage the plane, catches up on reading, studies, or just visits with the people who gather around the airplane.

Our Tanzania flight program provides convenient transportation for many mission activities in a region where moving from one area to another is a challenge. If there’s an empty seat on a clinic flight, it may be occupied by a pastor, evangelist, or a teacher, taking advantage of the opportunity to visit one of the villages. Thank you for helping make it possible!

In line for the clinic
A remote Tanzanian village
Plane parked near a clinic

Please pray for safe travel for Steve and the personnel utilizing the Cessna 206.

Pray for good health of the people served by this ministry.