Recent Updates & Stories

Glen Adams welding brackets for the new electrical wiring panels in the wheel house
Volunteer electrician, DJ Lamoray, measuring out new starter cables
Volunteer Manny Beltran connecting fill hose to starboard fuel tank
John Pepper with the Ford F350 which will be the dedicated tow vehicle
Our re-purposed fire boat is almost ready for the ultimate test!
The maritime services crew is installing the electrical systems, and finalizing the driveshaft and engine exhaust installs over the next few weeks to get the boat ready for initial sea trials. We'll tow the boat by trailer to a large lake about an hour south of JAARS for testing.
Scheduled for later this month, initial sea trials will help our maritime services crew analyze the renovated boat’s configuration to carry passengers, cargo, and fuel in the unpredictable waters of the South Pacific. It will also be a good opportunity to evaluate the adequacy of communication and navigation gear, as well as seaworthiness, safety features, and the comfort of crew and passengers. All of this information will not only improve this boat for its intended service, but will also teach us valuable lessons we can apply to future watercraft.
We look forward to this summer, when we anticipate shipping the boat to Papua New Guinea. Your gifts and prayers will help us speed the boat on its way. Thank you.

A website building workshop for 20 students working in 10 different languages is set for February 9-19 in Moscow with our partner, Institute for Bible Translation.

The students will learn how to make Scripture websites and linguistic websites. In two weeks, a Scripture website can be up and running, giving people access to God’s Word in their heart language. Students learn how to upload pictures, audio, and video, and use those pieces to make web pages. They also learn about search engine optimization, receiving copyright approvals, and obtaining domain names.

Your gifts and prayers are helping make this possible. Thank you.

  • Praise God for each workshop attendee and their desire to get Scripture in their heart language online. Ask God to help them learn new skills and persevere as they work to complete their websites.
  • Pray for safe travel for each one traveling to and from the workshop.
  • Ask God to prepare the hearts of visitors to the new websites to read or hear his Word in the language they understand best.
Our partner in Papua New Guinea, Bible Translation Association (BTA), needs a vehicle in the eastern part of the country. Currently, BTA staff use public transportation to carry out their work of language development, church engagement, training, and recruitment. 
But public transportation is unreliable and exists only in towns. A 4WD vehicle will carry translation consultants and other workers over rough terrain to the more remote regions where Scripture is being translated for 11 language groups. With such a vehicle, BTA hopes to reach more language groups, who are ready and eager to receive the word of God in the dialect they understand best.