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Six rugged cases, each packed with a laptop computer, recorder, batteries, power cords, speakers, headphones, solar lanterns, and everything else needed for a mobile audio recording kit, have been sent to Papua New Guinea.

Your gifts to Where Needed Most made it possible! Thank you!

The equipment will be used by local teams in the Islands Region of Papua New Guinea to create audio recordings of New Testaments that have been published in 21 of the languages spoken there. A training workshop is set for April 24–May 10 for the teams to review skills they acquired in an earlier course and learn how to put recordings on AudiBibles and cell phones. They’ll also learn how to do basic music recordings and how to use Scripture, music, and a dramatized script to create short radio programs.

Thank you! Hearing God’s Word in their heart language is going to make a difference in the lives of people in Papua New Guinea.

  • Pray for trainers Lauren and Connie Runia as they travel from the US to Papua New Guinea and for their preparations for the workshop.
  • Pray for team members to learn the skills needed for this work and ask God to cover them with his hand of protection.
  • Pray that through hearing and engaging with God’s Word, lives will be transformed, faith will be strengthened, and that people will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

“Thanks for praying for us during this season of waiting. I'm sure all has happened in God's...

“Thanks for praying for us during this season of waiting. I'm sure all has happened in God's time!”

                                                                                                                -Randall Pearson

Our pilot, Randall Pearson, has received his official certificate of approval from the government of Australia! All the written exams are completed, so the upcoming instrument flight check is the last hurrah.

This week, Randall and his wife are planning the details of their flight from Melbourne up to Darwin, the new home base for the Pearsons and the airplane. They will be leaving after Easter and a national holiday that same week.

Please pray with us for the Pearsons as they plan the trip.

I have attended IT Connect several times. It's a time to network with IT colleagues on the mission field. I have really benefited from others’ experiences at previous workshops. I bring home so much. It keeps me from wasting time in my work. We learn from each other and how to handle various situations. I keep learning new things each time I come, especially in my new role as management and tech support. It's a bit difficult. I am learning from others how to handle these responsibilities. I know who I can contact with different issues. I thank God.
Stephen Ayuuni
IT Manager, Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation