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We hope you'll come out on June 11 to spend a day at our headquarters!
Watch a video here about this family-friendly, informative day. Ride in a helicopter or a five-seat plane. See how people get Internet in the rainforest. Record your voice into the JESUS film.
You’ll get an up-close look at Bible translation, and why it relies on practical support like boats, 4WDs, and software. Get details here.
Chief Pilot Bruce Powell cutting trees
Instructor Pilot Mike Bunn cutting trees
Runway width cut back; now there's proper clearance for the PC-6.
The runway cutting crew: Andrew Tieman, Steve Bevelhymer, Scott Musselman, Mike Bunn, B.J. Diggins
Pilots recently spent a day cutting back the tree line from the sides of our 1,200-foot-long special procedures grass airstrip at JAARS. During the annual inspection of the airstrip, they discovered that the wider wingspan of the Pilatus Porter PC-6 recently added to the JAARS training fleet required additional clearance on the runway to meet minimum requirements.
Many of the airstrips that missionary pilots encounter overseas, such as those in mountainous terrain, fall into the special procedures category. Normal aircraft procedures for landing and take-off can't be used on runways like this, because of their short length or other obstacles. Being able to practice special procedures makes this airstrip an important training tool for missionary pilots, especially during orientation.

This truckload of New Testaments in the Paama & S.E. Ambrym languages is bound for the island communities in Vanuatu where they'll be celebrated on May 15 and 16--the result of years of labor and prayer, and the hope of the people.

Paama and S.E. Ambryn New Testaments loaded and ready for delivery

Also on the way in another shipment are audio Scripture players that will be dedicated along with the printed New Testaments. Gifts to M100 Audio Scripture Players are making it possible for people to hear the life-changing Word of God. Thank you!