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Vehicles, computers, and other equipment do not hold much importance on their own. However, in the hands of translators and language development specialists, they become priceless—tools that make the real work possible—providing God’s Word to people in the language they understand best.
And that’s the heart of JAARS. Our vision is to see lives and communities transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We rejoice when we see God fulfilling this vision throughout the world, and we are grateful to play a part in it.
That’s one of the reasons we’re introducing the Core Mission Fund, which replaces our JAARS Operations Fund. Language matters, and we believe “Core Mission” more accurately describes the scope and impact of the work done at the JAARS Center.  From training to research and development to advocacy, it’s not just “overhead”—it’s the very core of our work to make Bible translation possible.
Thank you for partnering with us to make Bible translation possible!

The Last JAARS Day for 2015 is Saturday, October 10!

We hope you'll come out on October 10 to spend a day at our headquarters!  Watch a video here about this family-friendly, informative day. Ride in a helicopter or a five-seat plane. See how people get Internet in the rainforest. Record your voice into the JESUS film. You’ll get an up-close look at Bible translation, and why it relies on practical support like boats, 4WDs, and software. Get details here.

When Tim Matthews retired from a career in marine law enforcement, he and his wife Gina were excited about using this next chapter of their lives to serve God full time. They bought a sailboat and through God’s direction ended up in the Bahamas to help build an orphanage. After it was completed, God had another plan for them. They learned of Wycliffe’s Bible translation work in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the urgent need for safe maritime transportation for translators who work on PNG’s remote outer islands. They answered God’s call.
Tim and Gina are now serving in Kokopo, East New Britain Province. There, Tim will act as a marine/boat operations manager and captain of the transport boat when it is put into service next year. Last year, Gina spent 12 weeks here at JAARS in the vernacular media specialist training course, developing skills to share God’s Word through audio and video recordings, music, drama, and storytelling. In recent months, they have been working with local translators to make audio recordings of the New Testament in the Tungag and Sulka languages.
Tim and Gina Matthews
Please pray that the audio recordings of the New Testament in the Tungag and Sulka languages will bring joy and transformation to those who receive them.
Pray for the Matthews as they undertake preparations for the coming of the transport boat.