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Tropical Cyclone Pam ripped through Vanuatu in March with category 5 winds, leaving devastation in her wake. But God was gracious and there was very little loss of life. We heard many stories of protection: finding safe shelter, dodging flying roofing iron, a library saved by the branches of a downed tree acting as a windbreak. And there were a few stories of those not so fortunate. Over and over again we heard something like this, “Yes, we lost everything, but we are alive, and God is with us. He is always good.”

Pastor Peter had dedicated the Whitesands New Testament in print and audio earlier this year. When the storm was over, Pastor Peter returned to where his home had been. Everything was demolished except that a tree had fallen in such a way as to protect his bamboo-and-thatch kitchen where his books were kept safe and dry. Unfortunately, his MegaVoice audio Scripture player, which had quit working earlier, had been left in the demolished sleeping house.

A few days later, as Pastor Peter and his family were having dinner, they heard a voice outside in the dark. He went to investigate and found his old MegaVoice player in the ruins—alive and well, speaking Scripture aloud!

Please join us in praying for the physical needs of the people affected. Food, clean water, and shelter are still big issues. Lots of help has come, but there is still a huge need.

-Greg Carlson, Director, Wycliffe Vanuatu Group

Pastor Peter holds his MegaVoice audio Scripture player loaded with the Whitesands New Testament.

Pray for the physical needs of the people affected by the storm. 

Praise God that there was little loss of life and for the help that has come in the aftermath of the storm.

Praise God that the Whitesands people have the Scriptures in their heart language, in print and recorded on audio Scripture players.

Pray that God will stir the hearts of believers to provide the funds needed for audio Scripture players in the Lenakel, Paama, and Southeast Ambrym languages of Vanuatu. For only $35 you can provide one audio player for someone who needs to hear the life-changing word of God.



JAARS Day is June 13!

We hope you'll come out to spend a day at our headquarters!  Watch a video here about this family-friendly, informative day. Ride in a helicopter or a five-seat plane. See how people get Internet in the rainforest. Record your voice into the JESUS film. You’ll get an up-close look at Bible translation, and why it relies on practical support like boats, 4WDs, and software. Get details here.

Marlene Bussert shares about her overseas experiences as a wife and mom.
Wives of our aviation orientees meet each Monday morning.

While their husbands are fine-tuning their flying and fixing skills for serving overseas, the wives of our aviation orientees meet on Monday mornings with Penny Tallman and Nancy Ramsdale to visit and talk about different aspects of living overseas. Between them, Penny and Nancy and their families served in Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Peru, and the Philippines. In addition, women with overseas experience come to present and discuss topics like handling cultural transition, health and safety, and children’s education.