New equipment keeps the crew of the Kwadima II safe

When JAARS updated the Kwadima II in 2020 in partnership with Living Water Mission (LWM) in Papua New Guinea (PNG), we updated the V2 Track equipment to ensure that the current translation teams using the boat remain as safe as possible. The V2 Track device uses satellite data so that the boat’s location can be checked at any time. This technology ensures that the crew is safe or can receive help at all times.

Thanks to the updates, the user can choose how often the V2 Track plots the boat’s position, whether it’s every 20 minutes using satellite data, or every minute using cellphone towers.

An image from the V2 track following the Kwadima II’s progress.

This ability came in handy when the boat’s water pump, which cools the engine, broke during a routine trade journey along the islands around PNG. Steve Ottaviano, director of Transportation Field Programs, watched on the digital map as the boat made several stops. The crew even pressed the “I’m okay” button on the boat’s V2 Track once they reached their destination, notifying Steve and others that they had arrived safely.

People like you who give to Maritime Solutions made these updates, along with the purchase of a new pump, possible. Thank you!