You help provide medical care to remote villages

For many people living in Cameroon’s remote villages, medical care is rare. Thankfully, a Baptist hospital sends staff to these villages every few weeks. Still, for them, getting to these areas is tricky.

That’s when they turn to our partner, SIL Cameroon Aviation. An administrator of the Banyo hospital, Jonathan, recently asked them to make flights out of Banyo.

The team longed to support their Cameroonian brothers and sisters in Christ, but new governmental regulations made it impossible to charge for flights, so the team couldn’t continue to provide flights in this area.

A medical worker gives vitamins to children.

Thankfully, people like you who give to JAARS Aviation Solutions enabled JAARS to provide flight subsidies to our partner. Those subsidies enabled JAARS-trained helicopter pilot Mark Spangler to help Banyo’s medical team offer six clinics in six villages in six days.

For each clinic, Mark flew medical personnel and about 100 pounds of medications. Without his help, the medical staff would have needed about 12 weeks instead of one. According to Jonathan, “The staff and the communities are very happy.”

And, as Mark said, “[The clinics] wouldn’t have happened without JAARS support.” Thank you!