FlightSpan™ helps pilots serve isolated people groups more effectively

Josh Eicholtz, a JAARS-trained pilot-mechanic, serves in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with aviation partner SIL PNG. The staff there had at least two apps that organized their runway charts and checked their plane’s weight and balance, so why did they need another one?

Josh had been advised to try FlightSpan, an app that Nate Gordon, a product manager at JAARS, had developed for aviation partner YAJASI to use in Indonesia. When COVID-19 struck, the pilot-mechanics of PNG decided it was time to test FlightSpan. Josh’s favorite aspect of FlightSpan is how it has enabled serving the people better.

Previously, when Josh received a call for a medical evacuation, he had to go to a computer, pull up the flight schedule, and build his flight plan. Then he had to plan his fuel, look at notices from other pilots, and file the flight plan.

FlightSpan helps mission pilots plan routes, track changing runway conditions, monitor flights, track cargo, and more.

To prepare for a medical evacuation now, he pulls up FlightSpan, which handles many tasks, and he is ready within minutes to preflight the plane.

“The people who are most impacted by the app are the people that live in the most remote locations,” Josh said.

More technology projects that made an impact:

  • replaced equipment after an electrical storm in Burkina Faso
  • provided headsets and computers for several Oral Bible Translation teams around the world
  • provided solar panels and consultation for the translation center in Cameroon
  • provided a new backup system for teams in Ethiopia
  • And more!