God is doing the impossible through media in South Asia

When all doors seemed closed because of COVID-19 and governmental restrictions, God made a way to ensure that his work was accomplished in South Asia.

Sepu* and his translation team thought they would have to halt all their Scripture engagement events because they couldn’t travel or gather in large groups. Then God gave them the idea of using a digital platform to reach their neighbors.

Sepu with a friend at the online summit

This idea grew into an online summit where they dedicated the various audio-visual materials the team had produced and built community awareness of them. With the help of our media partner in South Asia, the team had recorded songs, Scripture portions, oral Bible stories, and the JESUS film in their language. They also had made these materials available on phones as an app—all thanks to people like you giving to JAARS Media Solutions!

Despite big challenges, God did the impossible: On the day of the dedication, to everyone’s surprise, 220 people along with their families joined the live summit!

*Name and image changed for security reasons


More media projects that made an impact:

  • conducted online workshops to train people all over the world how to build Scripture websites
  • supported the recording of Scripture into many South Asian languages
  • supported the creation of Scripture and Bible apps
  • And more!