You prepare people to serve safely overseas

Richard and Nina DeVreese will serve in Guatemala with our partner Paradise Bound Ministries—Richard as a pilot and Nina with mission teams. Nina, who has never ridden a motorcycle, will be driving to villages to put on VBS workshops, navigating through mud pits and swollen streams on a motorcycle or in a 4WD vehicle.

Nina said, “When we’re actually in Guatemala and it’s the rainy season, it’s going to be pouring rain constantly on the dirt roads, so this is a likely scenario that we may find ourselves in at some point.”

A motorcycle course at JAARS gave Nina a head start. It was only two days, but her skills grew exponentially in that short time. On the first day, she learned the necessary skills; on the second day, she rode the bike.

Nina practices jacking up the truck.

The 4WD course at JAARS was muddy, but that just helped participants learn how to navigate difficult conditions. The courses, which people like you help provide by giving to Training Solutions, built Nina’s confidence. Now, she’s ready for the mud pits she is likely to encounter in Guatemala!

More training projects that made an impact:

  • a PT-6 maintenance training course at JAARS for Pre-Field orientees and other mission aviation organizations

  • a Training Intercultural Partners course for mission workers who will serve overseas

  • monthly webinar courses for IT technicians in Africa

  • annual training and conferences such as the Aviation Technical Conference, the International Association of Missionary Aviation Conference, the Frontline Supervisor course for pilots and mechanics, and recurrent aviation training

  • And more!