Jaars Center

How We Serve

We work closely with our partners to make Bible translation possible all over the world.

Many places lack the basics required to support the translation and dissemination of God’s Word in local languages. We provide a range of strategic solutions and problem-solving in logistical areas that would otherwise slow down or stop Bible translation: transportation, media, technology, and training.


Tiny islands. Roads so flooded, water reaches the windshield. Villages in valleys where only a helicopter can land. Many of the last communities without God’s Word live in the hardest places to reach. We help our partners get there safely, so language groups can finally experience the transformative power of the gospel.


Today, Bible translation is inseparable from technology. Computers, specialized software, reference libraries, and online backups are part of nearly every day’s work. But many of the last languages live in places without the infrastructure to use these tools. We provide specialized equipment and training to close that gap.
JAARS Media Solutions
JAARS Media Solutions


In most communities still without God’s Word, writing and reading are rare. Oral communication is what people rely on. Audio players, apps, websites, videos, and more are the best way for them to experience Scripture. Creating these takes training, equipment, and plenty of innovation, all of which we provide for our partners.


Training is critical—especially when the ability to thrive in dangerous, remote, and complex situations is a daily mandate. We get our partners the training they need for a sustained technical and spiritual impact. Key programs include intercultural communications, aviation, IT support, off-road driving, and more.
JAARS Core Operations
JAARS Core Operations

CORE Mission Operations

Our core work at the JAARS Center—with more than 500 people, 572 acres, 43 buildings, and 4 airstrips—makes it possible for us to reach out and overcome critical logistical barriers for Bible translation partners all over the world.