Jaars Center


Many of the world’s remaining unengaged language groups are located in the green band of jungle climates where JAARS is uniquely prepared to go.

Air Operations

Many of the language groups that still lack God’s Word are the hardest to reach. Picture endless miles of rainforest and rugged mountains—with unpredictable weather, no support system, and airstrips carved out by hand. Flying safely in these environments is one of the toughest jobs on earth, and it’s at the core of what God has called JAARS to do.

Land Operations

In places where aircraft cannot land, our Bible translation partners still need a safe, reliable way to reach villages that might be spread across hundreds of miles. In parts of Africa 98% of roads are unpaved and the rainy season lasts for half the year.

Sea Operations

In parts of Africa, South America, and in the Pacific, boats are the best—or sometimes the only way—to reach a remote village. But the trip can be harrowing: crowding onto rundown boats, often with no safety equipment, and plying rough waters far from any hope of help if something goes wrong.


Training is critical—especially when the ability to thrive in dangerous, remote, and complex situations is a daily mandate. We get our partners the training they need for a sustained technical and spiritual impact.