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Organizations all over the world are partnering in Bible translation.

Some focus on language work: linguistic studies, translation, and literacy programs. Some help churches and volunteers get involved. And some, like JAARS, offer practical but critical services, such as flights, technical support, and training.

Our primary global partners are below, but we work with many organizations—to understand their needs, research and design solutions, provide funding and operational support, and help ensure the sustainability of their work.

It’s all possible because of people like you.

Over 100 organizations make up the Wycliffe Global Alliance, including Wycliffe USA and The Seed Company. In com­mu­nion with God and within the com­mu­nity of His Church, the Wycliffe Global Al­liance con­tributes to the holis­tic trans­for­ma­tion of lan­guage com­mu­ni­ties world­wide.

Inspired by God’s love, SIL International® advocates, builds capacity, and works with local communities to apply language expertise that advances meaningful development, education, and engagement with Scripture.

An Important Note

About Our Translation Partners

With over 100 organizations worldwide engaged in the work of Bible translation, differences arise from time to time concerning the principles and practices of translation. 

To be clear, JAARS is not a Bible translation organization. Our job is to make translation possible by providing logistical solutions in areas like transportation, technology, media, and training so that linguists, Bible translators, literacy workers, and others around the world can accomplish their ministry goals.

As an affiliate of SIL International—the oldest and perhaps largest translation organization in the world—JAARS provides solution support to SIL as well as to numerous Wycliffe Global Alliance affiliates. Neither JAARS nor SIL is an affiliate of Wycliffe Global Alliance, but many of our partner organizations are. We affirm them and care deeply about their commitment to accurate and timely translation. We will continue to support Bible translation partners and projects that are committed, as subscribing members of the Forum of Bible Agencies International, “to translate the Scriptures accurately, without loss, change, distortion or embellishment of the original text. Accuracy in Bible translation is the faithful communication, as exactly as possible, of that meaning, determined according to sound principles of exegesis.” 

In addition to a commitment to Scriptural accuracy in translation, we affirm—along with our partners—both the authority and responsibility of the Church to oversee and guide translation projects and priorities, and the call to finish the task of Bible translation so that “every nation, tribe, people and language” can fully know God and respond to his gospel. 

God calls us to work together in unity to accomplish his mission in the world. We invite readers to consider the information below concerning the translation principles and practices of SIL, Wycliffe Global Alliance organizations, and those who share their commitment to Scriptural accuracy.

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