You enable more people to access God’s Word in their language

Cliff Davis would love to introduce a language group—even if it’s made up of only 66 people—to the God of the Bible. This is one reason he moved with his family from working with YWAM* in Kona, Hawaii, to Madang, Papua New Guinea (PNG), where he’s starting a new base of operation for a YWAM Scripture translation initiative.

The vision of this new initiative, End Bible Poverty Now, is to provide at least 1,000 languages that don’t yet have Scripture with 30 recorded and written Scripture passages. From Madang, Cliff will travel to outlying villages, establish and maintain relationships with the people, and record Scripture passages in their languages. To do this, Cliff needed at least one vehicle.

Some men in Papua New Guinea attempt to get a 4WD vehicle up a slippery incline. Photo shared by Dave Barton.

Thanks to people like you giving to JAARS Land Transportation Solutions, we obtained a Toyota Land Cruiser and a Ford Dual Cab Ranger for Cliff and the base in Madang. They were refurbished at the SIL PNG center in Ukarumpa and delivered to Madang recently, ready for Cliff and his teammates to use.

More land transportation projects that made an impact:

  • provided a 4WD vehicle and two motorcycles to the African Bible translation organization ACOTBA-SUBO, which helped a Bible dedication event occur
  • provided a vehicle to ACATBA in Central African Republic
  • trained dozens of mission workers how to drive and safely operate 4WD vehicles and motorcycles off-road
  • And more!


*Youth With a Mission