Jaars Center

Church Opportunities

Explore ways to awaken the hearts and minds of your church members to the Great Commission.

These practical, actionable steps will help you engage your small group, Sunday school class, youth group, or the whole congregation in the foundational mission work of language development and Bible translation—work that makes church planting, evangelization, and discipleship possible.


Could a short-term mission trip be in your future? Bring a team from your church to serve with us in North Carolina, learn about global missions, and provide valuable skills and services to JAARS. It’s a great way to support front-line missionaries while using your talents in the United States! Or take a trip abroad with Refuge 139 to encourage missionary families overseas by ministering to their children.


Unplug from the grid to discover missions like you never have before with CrossVenture! Explore global missions up close in a simulated village setting at our center in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Join us on the coast to dive into the world of maritime missions. Or attend our summer youth aviation camp to explore whether God might be calling you to mission aviation.


Attend, host, or promote a Missions at the Airport. Share the excitement of missionary aircraft coming to your town, attracting attention and giving the JAARS team an opportunity to talk about our mission and purpose.


Invite a JAARS speaker to share the biblical basis for Bible translation as well as stories from the field. Sharing God’s heart and their experiences with churches, schools, and mission conferences brings the Great Commission to a personal level. Global missions and Bible translation are transformed from distant concepts into up-close and personal stories from people who have “been there and done that.”


Explore our 552-acre campus through a weekday tour or one of our open houses. Fly in a missionary aircraft, observe the recording of the JESUS film, or learn how audio Scriptures are prepared in new languages. Our campus is alive with activity, with interesting stops for everyone.


Touch history when you visit the Museum of the Alphabet. Not some dusty bunch of relics, but 75 interactive, scientific displays trace the history of the world’s writing from cuneiform through modern times. Here you can see firsthand the importance of language development and how critical this step is to Bible translation.

“Partnering with JAARS has been strategic to our global mission goals to equip and engage our people in God’s work around the world.”

– Pastor Mike


We are completely dependent upon God. We pray daily for the people we are trying to reach, for our partners on the ground around the world, and for the effectiveness of our own work. Praying with us is a great way to create a heart for missions!


The JAARS Center needs people with occupational and professional skills right here in North Carolina! Share with your church how they might serve in program and project management, IT, hospitality, graphic design, writing and editing, audio and video production, human resources, R&D, facilities management, fundraising, accounting, and more!


We depend upon volunteer, part-time advocates in cities and towns across the United States to talk about JAARS in their own spheres of influence: churches, schools, Bible studies, and small groups. We’ll train and support anyone with a heart to collaborate and share.

Partner Financially

Scripture praises faithful stewards who invest their resources well—and a return that is eternal is especially commended. Partner with us and invest faithfully, significantly, and eternally in this mission. Learn more about giving and our stewardship.

“Our church has been in partnership with JAARS for over 10 years, and in that time we have been blessed immeasurably. The purpose and passion of our friends at JAARS is contagious—demonstrated by the fact we have sent several people into full-time cross-cultural work after a visit to JAARS! So thankful for their heart for the nations.”

– Pastor Dave