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The Campaign for Possible 2018 has ended. Thank you to all who have given so generously to support the work of JAARS! We are excited to see how God will use your gifts—and we are ever grateful for your partnership as we work to make Bible translation possible, even in the most remote places on earth.


The Campaign for Possible 2018

What if your language had no alphabet? Or you had only a few Bible stories, not even a full New Testament, translated into your language? And lived in one of the most remote and difficult places on earth? That’s exactly the kind of place God shows up to make the unlikely, the impossible—possible.

What has been possible for you …

Remember the hymns you sang as a child? Or the songs you sang in Sunday school or youth worship? What about the Bible studies, books, sermons … even radio broadcasts … that have answered your questions, given you comfort, and affirmed your faith? Where would your heart be without them?

… can now be possible for others!

The Yansi people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been praying for 50 years that God’s Word would be translated into their heart language. And now that work has begun! But they are among 600 million people worldwide who still have less than a full New Testament in their own language. God is at work, though—and you can be a part of it right now!

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“Thank God, we have the people and the training and the tools to address translation needs for the 66 language groups we’re focused on.

Our problem, in a mountainous island country where roads reach only 30 percent of the population, is transportation. We’ve been blessed by solutions that JAARS has provided already, and we’re now praying together and collaborating on transportation logistics with even greater impact!”

– Tony Kotauga, president, Bible Translation Association of Papua New Guinea (BTA-PNG)

The world is waiting—here’s how
you can help right now.

This year, our Campaign is focused on funding the work that makes everything we do around the world possible—our CORE Mission Operations. Your gifts to CORE strengthen the very foundation of our impact worldwide, by enabling the critical activities described below.

Research and Development

Right now, we’re gearing up to provide a range of new operational solutions (think: transportation and communications) for multiple overseas translation partners. That requires on-the-ground R&D overseas as well as significant planning here in the US. The end result, as God provides, will be sustainable solutions and mission partners who are able to work hand-in-hand with the people groups still waiting on the gospel.


The JAARS Center is a global hub for several very specialized forms of training: pre-field (and recurring) mountain aviation orientation for pilots and mechanics heading overseas; cultural and spiritual development for mission staff with cross-cultural assignments; heart-language media dubbing and production for trainers and staff who create audio/visual tools for translation and Scripture engagement; and more. All depend upon the people, facilities, and technology infrastructure of the JAARS Center to continue.

Program Management

Every piece of equipment we send overseas, every person we train and deploy, and every program we manage with or for an overseas mission partner is a responsibility for stewardship of Kingdom resources that we take very seriously. So we invest in due diligence, in planning, in effective deployment and ongoing monitoring—knowing that our Master expects wisdom, courage, and an eternal return measured in lives transformed by the gospel.

“Nothing is impossible for our God. And he expects us to be courageous; he expects us to take him at his Word.”

– Cameron Townsend, founder, JAARS,
SIL, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Giving to CORE multiplies your impact.

Every person, every program, every dollar, and every square foot at JAARS is dedicated to making Bible translation and language development possible, especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth. Our CORE work isn’t separate from or set aside from the projects and programs we deliver for our global partners—it’s the foundation that makes all of them possible, today and in the years to come.
Below you’ll see just a few examples of how God is working through JAARS around the world.

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Africa Initiative: Transportation

“Already the R66 is having an impact. I’m delighted to witness God’s provision for Cameroon and the rural, isolated communities that will be touched and transformed using his word, his servants and his tools.”

– Daryl Young, Aviation Manager, SIL Cameroon

Americas Initiative: Transportation

“What JAARS does from day to day keeps us going. And what we do from day to day, in the end, helps every tribe, tongue, and nation hear the Word of Life.”

– Jeremiah Diedrich, JAARS-trained pilot-mechanic, Ethnos360 (Brazil)

Africa Initiative: Technology

“I say ‘thank you’ because thanks to IT Connect, I can now administer our Linux servers, do backups, and some things that I did not understand before.”

– Frederic Keudjitoloum, IT support technician, ATALTRAB (Chad)

“A man took some Scriptures home and his daughter said, ‘Daddy, this is so delicious. Can you bring us more?’ JAARS will be there for the next generation of Bible translators and projects. Thank you for making those “delicious” moments possible.”

– Bonnie Nystrom, Wycliffe/SIL Bible translator
and JAARS board member

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

– Old African proverb
With 600 million people waiting, we need to go fast and far. And we can’t do it alone. God has used JAARS for 70 years now to bring the Good News to those he loves … and he has always made it possible through the prayers, hands, and financial resources of our friends.
We’re getting very close. Some say that every single language group could have at least a full New Testament within the next 10–15 years. But this last push will be very hard; these last languages will be very difficult to reach.
The Campaign for Possible 2018
How You Can Help

Translation partners around the world are asking us to solve the logistical problems that slow or prevent their work. To do that, we need more capacity now—and you can help make that possible. We invite you to join our Campaign for Possible with a gift today!

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