Welcome to CrossVenture!

EXPAND your worldview and understanding of missions.

EXPERIENCE realistic mission scenarios and practical training.

EMBRACE your role in reaching the nations!

Our camp-style programs are designed for church youth groups, Christian schools, homeschool co-ops, and more! Our desire is to provide quality, engaging programming that will expose our participants (youth and adults alike!) to global missions. We do this through interactive Bible studies where you’ll discover the biblical mandate for missions; through hands-on activities where you’ll learn about some of the unexpected roles needed to support missions; and through reflective experiences where you’ll ask God how he might be leading you to be involved in missions.

Before you take your kids on another “mission trip”… bring them to CrossVenture. Let us lay a foundation for WHY we do missions. Let us cast a vision for missions… a vision of God receiving the praise and glory he is due, from every people group on earth (Rev. 7:9).


The original CrossVenture program! Come spend a week or a weekend at our remote village setting! You will explore missions and Bible translation through experiential activities on culture and language, all while living outdoors, sleeping in a hammock inside one of our champas, and cooking on a mud stove or open firepit!



CrossVenture|Coastal is our new program held on the Atlantic coast! You will explore missions and Bible translation as you learn about the vital role maritime services plays in those endeavors. Stay in bunk-style housing at our host facility as you learn about water safety and get hands-on experience crewing and piloting a jet boat through currents and coastal waterways!



Spend a week discovering missionary aviation! In addition to exploring missions and Bible translation, you’ll learn about basic aeronautics and experience flight time with qualified pilots! You’ll also get to hear stories from experienced missionary pilots and how missionary aviation plays a vital role in Bible translation.


“We’ve had more people looking into long term missions after going to [CrossVenture] than any other mission trip we’ve gone on.”

-Missions Administrator, Georgia