Keep our training fleet in top shape

Imagine trying to fly an airplane that doesn’t have an adjustable seat. The PC-6 originally had non-adjustable pilot seats that made it difficult for some pilots to reach the controls. Thankfully, many of our field partners’ aircraft already have adjustable seats.

Putting finishing touches on the PC-6

So why bother putting an adjustable pilot seat in the PC-6 used for training at JAARS? According to Rick Nachtigal, Director of Aviation at JAARS, “We want our aircraft in Waxhaw to look and feel as much like the aircraft on the field so that when a pilot trains here, he gets out of this airplane and he goes over there and it looks and feels the same. He doesn’t have to relearn anything.”

Thanks to people like you, the PC-6 has new adjustable seats and is ready to serve the next generation of mission pilots and mechanics.



Your gifts to CORE Mission Operations support work done on the JAARS campus, such as equipping and maintaining the aviation hangar.