You help communities have access to God’s Word by boat

The Kwadima II, a JAARS-funded vessel, is no longer sitting idle! After it had transported Scripture workers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for about 12 years, it needed an overhaul. Now with renovations complete and a new crew, the refurbished boat is once again ready for work in PNG’s Milne Bay Province.

The Kwadima II serving the people in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea 

Through people like you, JAARS funded its renovations. We have leased Kwadima II to Living Water Ministry—an organization passionate about discipling young people. They will also use the boat to support Bible translation in the Milne Bay area.

We are excited that God will use this boat and our new Living Water partnership to spread his love throughout this remote region!

Opportunity $31,000

Your gifts to Maritime Solutions will support the ongoing Kwadima II partnership in PNG as well as similar projects in other parts of the region.