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CORE Mission Operations

We reduce barriers, ease burdens and deliver God’s Word. We do that by training, equipping, deploying and sustaining individuals, teams and stations to aid in the work of proclaiming the gospel to the whole creation.

Central to that mission is the ongoing work here at our Base in Waxhaw, North Carolina, involving 500+ people, 551 acres, and 68 buildings all prayerfully committed to take God’s word to “every nation, tribe, people, and language (Rev. 7:9).”

Why is JAARS needed?

With the expansion of transportation systems and infrastructure around the world, along with the pace of technology and communications innovation, it’s tempting to wonder whether any place, any longer, is truly “off the grid.” But here is the reality:
  • Traditional field partners around the world are focused intently on the translation efforts needed to reach every single language within the next few decades. So they are increasingly challenged by the responsibility to manage mission-critical transportation operations, even with JAARS-provided training and equipment.
  • National churches and translation organizations are stepping up to lead translation projects like never before, but they face the same transportation, technology, and communications challenges—without the financial resources.
  • Major transportation tools—like aircraft and boats—are increasingly expensive and take longer to fund, even as translation plans begin to focus on the last, most remote language communities around the world.

Our commitment is to be there when we’re needed—with solutions for our translation partners that are locally appropriate and sustainable—until the task is complete.  And being there requires being strong at our core ministry—the mission impact delivered both at and from our Base in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

How You Can Help


Your gift makes it possible for the JAARS Center in North Carolina to provide practical solutions to our Bible translation partners worldwide. Thank you!

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Pray for wisdom and discernment for all staff who serve at the JAARS Center as they respond to the many needs of our mission partners.

“What JAARS does from day to day keeps us going. And what we do from day to day, in the end, helps every tribe, tongue, and nation to hear the Word of Life.”

– Jeremiah Diedrich, missionary pilot-mechanic

What is JAARS doing?

In response to challenges like these, we’re adapting:

Embracing requests to operate international transportation solutions in new and bigger ways, to serve our partners and to put the gospel within reach of the most remote people on earth

Increasing the flexibility of our solutions, so we’re not locked into a need that changes or locked out of a bigger need that emerges

Developing operational commitment models that speed solutions to our global translation partners while posing less risk to the precious resources of people, time, and funding that God provides for our use

Bottom line: We’re transforming the way we think and operate—so that the translation projects underway or yet to begin in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas are not hindered by lack of support in the areas where God has blessed JAARS to serve.

Why is CORE critical?

This transformation involves all the resources of our Base in Waxhaw—where the research and development, training, manufacturing, repairs, medical services, housing, food service, childcare, and spiritual encouragement our translation partners depend on happens to help make Scripture translation possible.

We depend on your support of our CORE Mission Operations to provide this exceptional inflow of people, prayer, and financial resources. This is not, and never has been, just “overhead.” The CORE Mission Operations fund also covers the ongoing tools and support services needed by our Bible translation partners here and around the world:

  • Strategic planning and program/solution design
  • Research and development, project management, and training
  • Communications, fundraising, and mission housing/healthcare/hospitality support services
The CORE Mission Operations at our Base in Waxhaw, North Carolina, make it possible for us to reach out and overcome critical logistical barriers for Bible translation partners all over the world.

Who benefits from our work?

This core work is the foundation of the Solutions we offer our partners around the world—transportation, technology, media, and training.

Hundreds of missionaries each year—many thousands in total—depend on these solutions to have a sustainable impact when they are working in the field. And, ultimately, our work is for the millions of people still eagerly waiting to hear and grasp the gospel in the language they understand best. Thank you for standing with us to help bring that multitude together before the throne!

“That was God speaking … and I listened!”

– Iaina, North Tanna speaker in Vanuatu

CORE Mission Operations
How You Can Help

The problems we work on are tangible, expensive, and often ongoing as global partner organizations present logistical needs for our consideration. We invite you to come alongside us—in prayer, with advocacy, and as “gospel patrons” who can help fund this eternal work.

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