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Traveling the roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo requires courage AND the right equipment!

Bible translation began among the Yaka people in the Panzi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 2005.

Today, the Yaka continue translating the New Testament into Kiyaka. One of the main struggles they’ve faced has been transportation. In order to have the infrastructure they needed to translate, the language team settled in Kinshasa. But the linguistic base, where the Yaka people live and where the testing and other training occurs, is 621 miles away from Kinshasa.

The path to these villages is no weekend picnic! The roads and bridges have degraded so much that a trip which once would have taken one day now takes many.

If the Kiyaka translation team wishes to conduct a literacy workshop or testing at a village, they face a long, complicated journey. They must first travel on paved roads from Kinshasa to one of the big cities in the area.

Motorcycles like this one will help the Yaka language team travel to their linguistic base located over 600 miles away.

Sometimes the team must then wait several days at one of these cities until they can find a vehicle for the next step of their journey. Public transportation on unreliable buses can take about 18 hours roundtrip. Renting, if it’s even available, can be expensive.

From the main site of the Kiyaka language, the team travels deeper into the language area on narrow trails for 62–93 miles to conduct literacy workshops and test Scripture at villages. Often only rented or borrowed motorcycles can access these rough paths. Possessing their own vehicle and motorcycles would eliminate rental costs and save the team’s time for actual translating and trainings.

As the team travels farther from major cities, road conditions deteriorate, becoming bumpy, yellow-earth roads.


The Kiyaka translation team has now completed 40 percent of the New Testament translation and hopes to have it completed in 2023—just three years away! To do so, the translation team needs a sturdy four-wheel drive vehicle and four motorcycles to traverse these difficult roads. 

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