You help get aircraft to Cameroon

COVID-19 can’t keep the mechanics at JAARS down. After a few months’ break, they have returned to the hangar, with proper safety protocols, to continue refurbishing the Cessna 206 which people like you helped purchase. Thank you! This aircraft will replace an aging Cessna in Cameroon that our aviation partner there uses to transport Scripture and ministry workers.

“We’re excited about sending [this aircraft] to them, giving them something that’s not worn out,” Jon says.

The lead inspector on the project, Jon Thomas, and his team have taken the aircraft apart to look for corrosion and to do a detailed inspection of the aircraft. Now they’re starting to put it back together.

Dan Snow checking out the Cessna 206

At the request of our partner in Cameroon, they will install newer radios, paint the fuselage, and install an autopilot system. The flights flown in Africa can be 2–3 hours long, so the autopilot system will act as a kind of cruise control for these long flights.

Opportunity $348,000

Your gifts to Aviation Solutions ensure the Cessna is as well-equipped as possible and safely reaches our partner, as well as providing for similar projects.