You helped ease their worries

The aircraft of Asas de Socorro—a JAARS aviation partner in Brazil—are essential to the ability of mission workers to continue advancing God’s kingdom. They can take a weight of worry from the workers’ shoulders.

Food was delivered to village families, one of many everyday needs that JAARS enables so God’s love can go forth.

So when the Asas base at Boa Vista was left without flyable aircraft, getting them back into service was critical. One village family needed to fly to the city to take a required test. Another mission worker needed to deliver food supplies to families at a village school.

One of Asas Cessna 206s needed routine maintenance before it could resume flying. A damaged wing on their other Cessna 206 had taken it out of service. Asas didn’t have enough maintenance specialists, so the organization asked JAARS for help.

JAARS sent maintenance specialist Jeyson Braun, who had served with Asas for 14 years, to work on the aircraft alongside a JAARS-trained Asas pilot.

Once one of the aircraft could fly again, a mission worker told Jeyson, “I’m so glad you’re here because we need this plane or else we have to leave the village.”

Thank you for helping ease these people’s worries by giving to Aviation Solutions!

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