You help prepare teens for the mission field

Teen ICC, the teen segment of the JAARS Intercultural Communication Course, is like a summer camp for missionary kids. Its adult counterpart is an interactive, four-week course that prepares mission workers to serve the Lord in multicultural teams, whether overseas or stateside.

The teens practice water safety skills on land.

Teen ICC met this summer for the first time in three years due to COVID-19, with six people ages 12 to 18 from two families attending.

While their parents were in their sessions, the youth learned about similar topics. “It was helpful for us,” Kurt, one of the parents, said, “because we could have a shared vocabulary with our kids and talk about the same concepts.”

The teens also had fun. They swam at the JAARS pool and took the water safety course, rode a 4WD vehicle on the off-road training course, and had a helicopter ride.

But when one of the parents asked her children about their favorite part of Teen ICC, they said, “Being able to put words to feelings and experiences. These are the words that I can use to express the transitions and what I’m feeling.”

These teens are now prepared to process the transitions they’ll face as they serve the Lord.

“It was helpful for us because we could have a shared vocabulary with our kids and talk about the same concepts.”


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