You keep Bible translation projects running

At the SIL Center in Yaoundé, Cameroon, where many Bible translation projects are in progress, power surges caused by lightning can wipe out or pause these eternally important projects.

Lightning strikes on the Center’s buildings can damage copper network cables, destroying the network that translators use to download and edit their projects.

An SIL Cameroon IT staff member replaces cable.

SIL Cameroon worked on solutions with Bill Mayes, manager of SIL Africa ICT Services, and the SIL GTIS* team located at JAARS. They decided to send Steve Maddox, an SIL volunteer, and Jordan Keyton, a GTIS team member, to install ground rods to help disperse power surges and replace the copper cables with fiber-optic ones. These materials were provided by people like you giving to JAARS Technology Solutions. Thank you!

Jordan installing ground rods.

Steve and Jordan also trained the Center’s IT team to maintain the system, ensuring that the staff had the skills to diagnose and repair any issue.

While there, they saw the importance of a well-maintained network: a Bible translation team created voiceovers for the JESUS and Luke films. “We’re enabling linguists and translators to do their work to develop these languages so that God’s Word can go forth,” Steve said.

*Global Technology Information Systems


“We’re enabling linguists and translators to …develop these languages so that God’s Word can go forth.”