People interact with Scripture through dramas

Andreas Ernst, the director of training and equipping at International Media Services with SIL*, grew up in Cameroon. There, he saw the local community’s interest in audio-visual products in their language: “Audio-visual media spoke to a much larger percentage of the community and had the power to raise their interest in written materials.”

He believes that one of the best ways to encourage people to interact with Scripture is through radio and Scripture dramas, local films, and music videos in which they can act out real-life topics that their community struggles with.

At the workshops Andreas and his team hold in Africa, participants learn how to design and produce locally relevant Christian media products to share the truth of Scripture.

The participants create a music video.

JAARS helped subsidize some of the video equipment used at one of Andreas’ workshops, thanks to people like you giving to JAARS Media Solutions. Thank you!

The workshop participants plan to make good use of their new skills. One man hopes to make informational videos for his albinism ministry. Other participants, who work in specific languages, hope to create content for Scripture engagement.

Praise the Lord that these workers now have the tools they need to share the gospel via media!

*A partner of JAARS

More media projects that made an impact:

  • supported online and in-person workshops to train people all over the world how to build Scripture websites
  • supported the recording of Scripture into South Asian and Papua New Guinean languages
  • supported the creation of Scripture and Bible apps