Because of You, 15 Communities Now Have Access to a Power Source!

We take it for granted every time we turn on a light. But not everyone has instant electricity.

Fifteen communities in Cameroon now have solar panels and wifi equipment, thanks to you, Etienne, and his IT team at the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation. Translation teams can now access the internet, save changes to their work, and charge their computers. “Solar power systems allow translators to do their work easily and are very useful during [translation] workshops,” Etienne explains.

The team encountered challenges during this first installation, but they learned what improvements to make and how to train people to use the systems.

A team in Africa assembling a newly acquired solar power system

God taught the IT team the importance of these resources in Bible translation work. Etienne reminds us, “Solar panels are necessary. The communities that don’t have a Bible in their language don’t have electricity.”

Please consider a gift to our Technology Solutions to turn the light on for translation projects like those in Cameroon.

“Translation work will not happen without electricity.”