Cracking the Barriers

How would you react if you were to play the part of Jesus Christ in a recording?

During a recent recording project at the South Asian studio built and funded by JAARS, fifteen speakers of the S* language in South Asia recorded different voices for eight New Testament books.

When Lester played the role of Jesus for the first time, he gained a new insight. “Giving voice for Jesus has been a great experience for me as I realized how he was burdened for people.” Now Lester’s heart burns to see God’s Word transform his community.

The S people were excited to receive these New Testament books in audio form. They believe listening to the Word in the language they understand best will change them and their community.

God is also using the JESUS Film to crack the barriers between the S people and himself. Mission workers showed the JESUS Film in a local home for some of the S language group.

A group of people watching the JESUS Film in their heart language

Just a few people came at the beginning. But as people heard their own language emanating from a screen, they came to see who was speaking.

“By the end of the movie, people had crammed into the house and overflowed outside.”

Many couldn’t believe they saw such a film in their own language—not just any film, but the story of Jesus, who paved the road of salvation for mankind, including the S people.

Since God is cracking so many barriers and hearts in South Asia, the single recording studio cannot fulfill all requests.

Help our partners build a second recording studio in another region and provide for similar media needs by giving to our Media Solutions.

*Names have been changed for security purposes.