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The work of Bible translators is never easy. But having the right tools for translation can lighten their load and remove many barriers that hinder and delay progress.

The days of shoe boxes filled with index cards are long past. Computers, specialized software, reference libraries, and online backups now enhance everyday translation work. With Internet access, translators in remote locations can consult with linguistic specialists faraway for help with difficult translation issues. In this digital age, technology is mandatory—and it’s transforming the way Bible translators work.

Why is JAARS needed?

SIL International and our other Wycliffe Global Alliance partners are involved in 2,125 of the 2,584 language and translation projects currently underway around the world.

In most of those projects, language workers and translators work with communities far off the beaten path. They lack the infrastructure to make use of up-to-date translation tools. Power is intermittent and undependable. Internet access is unavailable. Outdated computers need repair or replacement. Tech experts to unsnarl communications problems are too remote to help.

Our partners need reliable hardware, electricity, Internet connectivity, and technical support to advance their work. They need to be able to work off the grid and still have access to power, to information, to colleagues, and to experts. Without these tools, work stoppages and slowdowns are common—and precious translation work leading to the sharing of the gospel can be lost or corrupted.

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What technology projects are we currently supporting?

Where are we providing these solutions?

How You Can Help


Your gift will help us provide crucial tools for Bible translation: reliable hardware, electricity, Internet connectivity, technical support, and more. Thank you!

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Pray that participating in IT workshops will help IT staff enhance their support of Bible translation teams in their regions.

What is JAARS doing?

JAARS works with each partner and each project to figure out what translation teams need most—and then develop great solutions like the projects listed below.
Internet for Translation Teams

Internet for Translation Teams

Forty-six regional translation centers operate throughout Africa. JAARS works with them to provide network installations, funds for Internet fees, and reliable power systems. We also work to provide Internet access to translation teams in the field, no matter how remote.

South Asia Information Systems

Our Bible translation partner in South Asia currently oversees more than 70 language projects. Their translation teams rely on the support of the organization’s skilled staff of local IT specialists. JAARS helps by providing funds for the IT team’s salaries, upgraded equipment, and travel expenses for training workshops.

IT Training in Africa

IT Training in Africa

Every regional center needs well-trained staff to keep their Internet, network, and other systems running smoothly. In coordination with SIL International, JAARS plans and implements two yearly training workshops.

Audio-Visual Scripture for Papua New Guinea

Audio-Visual Scripture for Papua New Guinea

We provided the equipment and software our media specialist partners used to train five local recordists from Papua New Guinea’s eastern islands region. They are now able to create Bible apps for mobile phones, dub the JESUS film in local languages, and record and duplicate Scripture videos.

Is God calling you to use your technology skills for good? Bible translation around the world depends on people who are skilled in many areas of technology—software, web, networks, communications, engineering, project management, media, and more. Learn more at CheckITOut.org, or browse current needs.

Who benefits from our work?

JAARS currently provides technology support for specific Bible translation and language development partners in 22 countries with outreach to more than 52 language groups.

With reliable connections and power sources, regional centers work more efficiently and offer a broader array of services: backup and recovery services for files, online training, access to research and training materials, voice and video conferencing. Translation teams collaborate online with consultants, get fast feedback, and save days or weeks of travel. Using Paratext software, they can back up their work automatically and avoid the loss of data.

But the most important beneficiaries—always—are the individuals, families, communities, and entire people groups who will experience the transformative power of the gospel when they hear it in the language they understand best!

Technology Solutions
How You Can Help

In this digital age, technology is mandatory. And it’s transforming the way Bible translators work. We invite you to come alongside us—in prayer, with advocacy, and as “gospel patrons” who can help fund this eternal work.

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