More Than a Cool Toy

What device at JAARS can make someone salivate more than a grilled steak? Our large 3D printer. Since receiving the printer, Aviation Research and Development Manager Terry Heffield and his team keep it busy.

Recently machinists printed specialized tools for helicopter turbine-engine maintenance in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Then Terry realized they needed carrying cases so the tools won’t knock against each other and damage themselves. Terry designed and printed some custom tool boxes to hold the tools in place.

Gavin Jones, a helicopter pilot in PNG, printed a 3D topographic map of the country on the printer when he was training at JAARS.

Printing part of the map of Papua New Guinea with the 3D printer

“It will be a great tool for our pilots to see the whole country with its mountains and valleys from a bird’s-eye perspective.”

The 3D printer’s technology excites Terry and Gavin. But what excites them more is how they can utilize it to accelerate access to God’s Word for those still waiting.

A gift to Core Operations funds research and development and so much more to help make Bible translation possible.