You Helped Make a Bible Dedication Happen!

Rob Peterson, a JAARS-trained pilot, fought dust storms and lashing rain in Africa for 10 years to deliver cargo. Sometimes these goods consisted of theological reference books, mail, or tortoises, but the most precious cargo he transported was people.

Once, Rob arrived in Yaounde, Cameroon, to news that two regional airlines had stopped all flights. More than 20 international visitors who had planned to fly to the far north of Cameroon—about 450 miles away—for a Bible dedication were stranded. The overland option included 24-hour travel over rough roads by train and taxi. Rob scheduled flights to the village for several groups on the Cessna 206 he often flew. The rest traveled by road or an alternate regional airline.

“Without the airplane, it would have required at least another week to reach all the locations.”


Despite the travel turmoil, the Mofu-Gudar New Testament dedication took place. Ken and Judy Hollingsworth, the original translators, were able to celebrate with the community thanks to a flight from Rob on the Cessna 206. “The most beautiful moment [during the dedication] was the first public reading of Scripture from the Mofu New Testament,” Rob remembers. People poured over the first Bibles in their language.

The first public reading of the Mofu New Testament in Cameroon.

On another trip, Rob carried an American ministry partner team and Central African staff to install solar power systems for four Bible translation teams scattered across Central African Republic.

The Cessna 206 Rob flew was built in 1972 and has now logged 15,000 demanding hours. For Rob and others to continue flying the equipment and mission workers needed to share God’s Word in local languages, SIL Cameroon needs to replace this aircraft soon.

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