Your generosity keeps them connected

When a translation team recently connected their projector to the battery system during a consultant check in the Congo meeting room in Brazzaville, the projector wouldn’t work. But the real problem was the stabilizer.

The stabilizer, which corrects incoming voltage to provide a stable and secure power supply to equipment, had failed. So the battery system wasn’t receiving electricity from the city, which means translation teams couldn’t work on their translations or print drafts for review during power outages.

Thaliane connects the new stabilizer so the offices will have stable power.

The solution? Replace the stabilizer. “That’s when we wrote JAARS and asked for help,” Thaliane, an IT specialist, said.

With JAARS help, they bought a new stabilizer. Now the battery system is working well!

“We are so grateful for [this] funding because our finances could not cover this expense,” Thaliane says.

Your generosity to Technology Solutions enables translation teams to finish their Bible translations!