You can help them taste the fruits of Bible translation

Zande Bible translators in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) do their translation work in Isiro, the capital city of Pazande province. They face a daunting challenge when they need to travel to Zande villages to check their translations—expensive, unreliable, tiring trips.

Only a motorcycle could get through this DRC road easily!

The infrastructure in the Pazande region has degraded significantly in the past 60 years, making it difficult to travel from one city to the next. What once would have taken two hours now takes nine hours!

Public transportation is an option, but it’s expensive and schedules are unreliable.

The translators currently hire a motorcycle for their trips from Isiro out to their villages. They must pay for gas and travel expenses. They must cram the driver, translator, and all their materials onto the motorcycle and travel like that for hours. The time and expense of these trips limits the team to only one to two visits a year.

The translation team has recently asked JAARS for help to purchase two motorcycles. They will give translators more control over their transportation. They will be able to travel on their own schedule rather than the bus schedule and reduce the cost of reaching the villages.

After reading the Pazande translation of Genesis 37–50, Christine decided to forgive her older brother.


As the team translates, they experience the fruit of God’s transformative Word. After reading the the Pazande translation of Genesis 37–50, Christine, an editor, decided to forgive her older brother who had pilfered the costs of a surgery she was to undergo.

Many more are waiting to taste this same life-transforming food. One translation team member said, “[People] are waiting for the fruits of translation to come out. Some have been asking over and over again, ‘Will we see the finished fruit of this work that has just begun? Perhaps it will be only for the generations to come.’”

Your gifts to Land Transportation Solutions will enable the Zande and others to soon taste the fruits of Bible translation.