You can prepare a plane to serve

While taxiing out to check the engine of ‘Tango Mike’—an aging Cessna 206—after an adjustment, our partners in Cameroon heard some squeaking.

After investigating, mechanics discovered wear on the landing gear. They decided to send the gear to the U.S. for repair, and thankfully, somebody leaving that very night was willing to check 67 pounds of landing gear as a checked ‘bag’!

Tango Mike is grounded while the crew awaits word on the landing gear’s condition and the cost to repair it.

Our Cameroon partner is planning to fly for a national Bible translation organization in Central African Republic. Though it would be a great boon for these flights, their helicopter must remain in Cameroon to cover aircraft needs while Tango Mike is out of commission.

A newer Cessna 206 from Ethnos360 will replace the aging Tango Mike. People like you are making this possible!

Chris and Chuck Daly and Bruce Powell getting ready to depart for Waxhaw

Recently, JAARS pilots Bruce Powell and Chuck Daly flew the airplane from Arizona to Waxhaw for a major overhaul so it will be ready to take Tango Mike’s place when the time comes.

Your gifts to Aviation Solutions will prepare the newer Cessna 206 to fly in Cameroon!

Upon arrival at the JAARS hangar, the Cessna was first carefully inspected.