Surviving in the Water

Hazards abound for mission workers who depend on water travel to reach the regions where their life-changing work occurs. Usually the only transportation is a local boat—overcrowded with no safety equipment.

The Maritime Services team at JAARS recently held a water-survival course for eight Intercultural Communications Course students and taught them how to use the equipment in a portable emergency kit.

Families remain grouped together to aid visibility and morale.

“I didn’t have any good swimming experience, so I felt nervous on the water,” Anita, a vernacular media technician, who’s going to Ethiopia, said. “When [the instructor] found out I couldn’t swim well, he took time to teach me the best ‘survival’ swimming strokes. And now I don’t have to worry about dying if I fall into the water!”

The survival shelter bag helps preserve body heat.

Josh Goshert, who will serve in the Solomon Islands, was glad he took the course: “This information could be useful for my organization since so many of our team constantly skip the waves from island to island.”

Due to your generosity, all eight course participants can now travel safely to share the gospel! Learn more about Training Solutions like this one here.

“Now I don’t have to worry about dying if I fall into the water,” Anita says.