Jaars Center

Water Safety Kits and Training

Drowning at sea is often avoidable … if you have the right gear and know how to use it.

Why is JAARS needed?

A crowded ferry capsizing in rough seas. Overloaded “water taxis” with no life vests for passengers. Small ocean-going craft with no navigation equipment.

Hazards abound for Bible translation workers who depend on water travel to reach remote locations. Every journey from the shore is a risk.

Many of the remaining Bible translation programs worldwide will require water travel. But often the only transportation choice for translators and language workers is a local boat—overloaded, overcrowded, and ill-equipped. Water safety equipment is expensive. Training is unavailable locally.

What is JAARS doing?

Traveling by water requires a unique set of gear, based on the location of a project, type of travel, and the number of people involved. Common needs include:
  • Personal locator beacon
  • Marine radio
  • Handheld GPS
  • Life vest
  • Flare kit
  • Waterproof flashlight
  • Signal mirror
  • Whistle

Our team provides this equipment, plus training in its use, for Bible translators and their support teams. Such basic equipment can reduce the risks of water travel and improve the chances of being rescued if an accident occurs.

How You Can Help


To support this project and others like it, please give to Maritime Transportation or Training Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!


Ask God to ease stress and fear for families traveling by water. Pray, too, that God uses this training and equipment to keep many people safe.

Who benefits from our work?

As Bible translation spreads to far-flung areas, water travel is crucial. In fact, many of the remaining translation programs will require water travel—on open seas as well as rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

Every person who travels by water, including families with small children, needs the protection of proper water safety gear and the know-how to use it. You can reduce the risk, protect lives, and advance Bible translation all at the same time by partnering with JAARS.

To support this project and others like it, please give to Maritime Transportation or Training Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!

“[When our small boat capsized,] the life jackets provided by JAARS were truly put to the test and proved to be lifesavers, especially for the children.”

– Sissie D’Jernes, Bible translation team member in Papua New Guinea