Maybe Now He Will

Rebecca doesn’t read. She lives in an oral community on Tanna Island, south of Efate Island in Vanuatu. So how can she and other Tanna speakers experience God’s Word?

Through listening.

Villagers on Tanna Island in Vanuatu proudly hold their new MegaVoices and New Testaments.

The Efate Translation Center recently obtained 480 MegaVoices, funded by JAARS. These solar-powered tools make it possible for anyone who has the ability to hear, to listen to God’s Word in their language at the touch of a button.

Belinda Rich, the center’s business manager, recently gave Rebecca a MegaVoice at a nearby church. Belinda recounts, “With tears in her eyes, [Rebecca] explained that she has never been able to read, but now she can hear God’s Word in her language. We gave her two: one for her and one for her husband. He does not attend church. Maybe now he will.”

Because of your generosity, many Tanna speakers now have access to the life-changing power of God’s Word!

Learn more about the MegaVoice and other Media Solutions here.

Rebecca’s husband does not attend church, but now that he can hear God’s Word on his very own MegaVoice, maybe he will.