Learning that LASTS

JAARS offers a 9 day virtual course to train those in Christian ministry how to enhance learner retention and application of content. During Learning that Lasts, you will focus on five principles of adult learning, design and teach lessons, and receive feedback.


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“I recently gained new insight on a simple but powerful principle for teaching that transforms.  I think it could work with not only classes, but also for sermons, business meetings, or even a family conversation around the dinner table.”

– Beth, missions trainer

Course Overview


The Learning that LASTS Workshop will equip participants with basic skills for effectively designing and conducting interactive training events.

You will:

  • Identify, analyze, and apply practical, creative techniques
  • Explore and apply biblical attitudes and practices
  • Collaboratively design powerful, stimulating and engaging tasks for your learners
  • Explore and apply biblical attitudes and practices
  • Identify the motivational themes of a group
  • Design powerful questions for stimulating dialogue
  • Write objectives for impact, transfer, and learning
  • Collaborate with others as teachers, designers, and learners
  • Enjoy a variety of problem-posing teaching methods to engage learners, including video, drama, and music
  • Apply guidelines for giving and receiving effective feedback


This workshop requires full participation.


One week prior to the course, you will be required to attend a one hour pre-orientation class.

Classroom Content

Each topic is explored using participatory learning (i.e. learning through doing). Working in pairs, all participants will design and teach two 30-minute modules to their colleagues. More information will be given during class.


Time is allotted during class to design your learning modules for your practice teaching. You may want to do some additional preparation outside of class.


$75 USD per person for Wycliffe and affiliate organizations
$100 USD per person for other organizations

More information will be given upon acceptance into the course.

Cancellations and No Shows

$40 USD charge for canceling less than 2 weeks prior to the course

Full fee will be charged for no shows because this course is designed for a certain number of participants and no shows create logistical challenges