Outcomes and Opportunities


In early October, the Learning and Development Department of JAARS sponsored a Millennial Conference for the community. Speakers demonstrated how to effectively engage, equip, and empower this next generation for kingdom service. THANK YOU for your gifts to the CORE Mission Operations, which makes conferences like this possible.


During 2017–18, Africa Area IT Services conducted annual IT Connect Conferences for French- and English-speaking specialists. Conference workshops covered much needed topics such as Firewall Management, End User Security, Encryption, Network Management, and Disaster Recovery. They also discussed spiritual issues like prayer and encouragement. Go here to learn more and help ensure similar conferences continue.


Recently, local recordists at a studio managed by our South Asian partner dubbed the JESUS film in three different local languages. Later, as people viewed the films, they were revived and touched by seeing and hearing the gospel presented in this format. Many other language groups wait to hear the gospel, and your support makes this happen. Learn more here.