Jaars Center

Scripture Websites in Local Languages

Local-language websites can boost the impact of Bible translation—and focused, intense training workshops help such sites go up fast.

Why is JAARS needed?

A media organization that we’ve teamed with for several years now works with local people to create websites in their own language centered on Scripture. The sites allow people to find, read, listen, and watch God’s Word—all in their own language. And viewers can—and do—share the content with friends.

“It is a high-tech world, and an overwhelming majority of people have access to the Internet via computers, netbooks, or smart phones,” says one of the organization’s leaders. That reality provides unprecedented opportunity for sharing God’s Word.

To date, our partner has rejoiced in seeing more than 630 sites go live, representing languages in 57 countries; many more are in active development or testing. The live websites have made Scripture available to nearly two billion people in a language and form they clearly understand their heart languages.

How You Can Help


To support this project and others like it, please give to our Media Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!


Please pray for the students and trainers as they persevere through network and language challenges to get these websites completed.

“From the start we have targeted this website to Mayoyao who are abroad, not so much the Mayoyao at home. And now the Mayoyao who are abroad have got access to God’s Word in their language wherever they are. Mayoyao are up in the mountains in the rice terrace country. God’s Word is being shouted, to the world, from the mountaintops.”

– Mayoyao Bible translator and website creator

What is JAARS doing?

In the past, when our partner worked with individuals remotely, technology challenges made that process slow and frustrating.

It took an average of six months to get sites launched. Now through regional training workshops, most websites are launched by the end of the two weeks. Our partner conducts workshops in a variety of locations worldwide each year.

Who benefits from our work?

People who want to give their communities a place to access Scripture resources and educational tools—and of course, the thousands who can then explore those resources.

Sometimes people create these websites primarily to reach speakers of their language who have migrated to other places. Such was the case for two attendees at a workshop in Manila, Philippines, quoted above.

To support this project and others like it, please give to our Media Solutions. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!

“Our friends … in the outside world can now read the Word of God, even if it is not in their hands. We can say that if it is illegal to bring the Word of God through immigration, now through the Internet, they can open their computers or their cellphones and can read the Word of God.”

– Local pastor and Bible translator