Media Solutions: Recording With Roosters

Soundproof studios like this one provide an ideal environment for producing audio and video recordings.

Imagine recording a story, and not just any story but God’s eternal story—the gospel, with roosters crowing and chainsaws buzzing in the background. Not much truth will be heard.

When Jerry Walker and his team record Scripture in the villages of Papua New Guinea, there is always noise in the background. A rooster has even crowed under their feet, causing them to re-record.

With help from JAARS, SIL—a partner organization—built a larger recording studio and two smaller self-recording rooms in the Ukarumpa Center. Now Papua New Guineans regularly use these facilities for their recordings. Since the studio was built two years ago, “they have been so busy,” Jerry tells us. “Most every day we have at least one recording going on in them.”

When Jerry did his first recording in one of the studios, he says, “It was so quiet that I didn’t know what to do with myself.” According to him, the studio also “has good power supply and network connections so I can easily back up to our network” and save their work. The new studio has quadrupled the number of people who can access God’s story.

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