Your support reduces barriers to making gospel-centered videos

Elvis Tangko, the Language Media Service manager at SIL Cameroon

For a long time Elvis Tangko, the Language Media Service manager at SIL-Cameroon,* had wanted to make films and radio dramas but didn’t know how to go about it. He had wondered how he could share the Word of God in an interactive way so people could hear it on the radio, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

Then, he took an audio course subsidized by people like you giving to JAARS Media Solutions and learned to develop radio dramas using an oral participatory process that builds on local testimonies. He also learned how easy it was to go down the road and interview people about spiritual matters and turn the interviews into engaging documentaries.

Now, thanks to this course, Elvis confidently uses a Zoom recorder when he talks to people about how God is working through their difficult experiences. He also partners with churches to produce radio dramas.



Elvis reports, “Through this video course, I am confident that I can take the camera and go down the road and make a video.”

*A translation partner of JAARS