You can provide boats for Bible translation teams

Along rivers in a South American country, a local Bible translation organization is translating the New Testament into six different languages.

In order to have the most natural, best-understood translation, the team must test its Scripture drafts in remote language communities—away from the big city—where the purest language exists, less likely to be influenced by other languages.

“When the team travels to the jungle where the majority live, they have to make many corrections to what was translated because of the effect of Spanish [on the drafts],” a translator explained.

When the teams travel from their office near the city out to a rural community located along a river, transportation options are limited. They currently have to request a boat from someone who has a vessel because the area has no public transportation. This delays their work and makes their trips more expensive.

Therefore, the Bible translation organization has requested funds from JAARS to build three boats and purchase another, which will enable them to reach remote villages without waiting or paying the high costs of renting boats.

JAARS is ready to help overcome these barriers for our co-laborers in Christ, but we need your help!

Your gifts enable us to provide boats for these teams in South America, other translation teams like them, and water safety training to people who will be going overseas and those already there.