Your partnership enables us to sustain Bible translators in Africa

Because of the work of ATALTRAB, a Bible translation organization in Chad, Africa, 12 language groups now have the whole Bible, and 26 have the New Testament. Yet the majority of Chad’s 130 language groups are still without God’s Word.

The lack of good roads makes it difficult to reach these people groups. “Certain communities [have] no roads, only tracks,” Ndonam Caleb, ATALTRAB’s director, said.

A year ago, to help ease these burdens for ATALTRAB’s staff members, JAARS provided them with a four-wheel drive vehicle and 10 motorcycles—thanks to people like you giving to Land Operations.

ATALTRAB’s translators have used the vehicles to reach 10 language groups, and they are making a difference! “Now, we can easily reach the communities, share the Word of God, and involve them in the Bible translation programs,” Ndonam said.

JAARS also sent a team of Land Operations trainers to teach the translators how to maintain their motorcycles. One translator said, “The motorcycle does a great service; without [it], the work would be impossible.” 

The translators in Chad with their new motorcycles.

There are still many unreached people in the rainforests of central Africa and the islands of Melanesia. Partner with us by giving to Where Needed Most so these people can have access to God’s Word.

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