You help us equip skilled maintenance specialists to deliver God’s Word

As a child in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Lenny Yarita often looked over the door between the parts room and the maintenance floor in the hangar where his dad worked. As he gazed at the Cessna 206s then in operation, he would see himself someday flying them to carry mission workers safely around
the country.

However, he became a maintenance specialist instead. Because he needed certification in order to sign off on inspections in PNG and declare an aircraft airworthy, Lenny came to JAARS to take our Pre-Field Orientation Course (PFO).

As part of his PFO training, Lenny took a PT-6 turbine-engine course which will help him troubleshoot a problem remotely when a pilot who is out flying radios back to say that he has a problem.

Lenny works on an engine during Pre-Field Orientation.

Lenny’s favorite part about his job is seeing a crew load the Kodiak aircraft with the translated gospel. 

“That just gives [me] goosebumps. Even though I’m not doing the translation—I’m just in the background—it brings me a sense of contentment that I’m actually supporting this and happy that someone today is going to get God’s Word in his [first] language.”

More maintenance specialists and pilots are needed in PNG, so Lenny’s new training eases some of the burdens on his overworked coworkers: “This Pre-Field Orientation won’t only help me,” Lenny said, “but it’ll help our team in Papua New Guinea share the load between all the licensed [maintenance specialists] so that we can split the work.” 

You can partner with us to train pilots and maintenance specialists who will fly or work on the aircraft that will deliver God’s Word by giving to Where Needed Most. Thank you for helping us share the gospel with the unreached people in Papua New Guinea and beyond!

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