You spread the gospel on the World Wide Web

Thanks to YOUR support, one of our media partners held a workshop in the Netherlands to teach mission workers how to to create websites to promote Scripture and Scripture-based items like the JESUS film.

One of the participants works on a Hondar* Bible translation in the Central Asian area. The workshop staff helped him and his team build their website and upload some Scripture and the JESUS film—dubbed in Hondar—to the site.

Participants at the Netherlands workshop learn how to build Scripture websites.

Jim, the lead organizer, loved seeing students grasp the capability of websites. “Several of them really saw the power of what they were doing and wanted to do more. They saw how you can promote [Scripture] on social media, websites, and phone apps.”

By God’s design, people now have devices to watch the JESUS film and read Scripture in their language at any time—and share them with others with a single click!

With your help, website-building workshops like this one open many new avenues for sharing Scripture.

Your gift to Media Solutions can help translation teams spread the gospel on the web.

“[These people] live in cultures and places where we would never have thought of doing this years ago,” Jim relates.


*Names have been changed for security reasons.