Expect the unexpected

One rainy night in the Philippines, Daryl, a JAARS 4-wheel drive training instructors, drove on mountainous roads without guardrails.

His car slipped sideways. God told Daryl to stop, and he obeyed. In the light from his flashlight, he discovered he was only inches away from the edge of a cliff!

He had no drinking water, rain poncho, or tool kit—a hard lesson. Daryl now teaches future mission workers how to be prepared when the unexpected happens so they don’t find themselves stranded on a cliff without the necessary provisions and tools.

“It’s like a fire escape plan,” Daryl told his class full of mission workers. “Don’t wait until a fire occurs before making a fire escape plan.”

Don’t wait until a fire occurs before making a fire escape plan.

The students, who plan to serve in Papua New Guinea, also learned how to change a tire with high-lift jacks, pull over rolled vehicles, and drive on muddy or dirt-choked roads. Now they will be prepared!

Students learn how to pull up a rolled-over vehicle at JAARS land transportation training course.

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