You enable flights of love

Sweat dews on the YAJASI* pilot’s forehead as he frowns at the instrument panel in the flight simulator. He’s brushing up on his instrument competency which pilots must do every six months.

Thanks to you and your generous support, JAARS funded this simulator to YAJASI, our aviation partner in Indonesia.

Before they received the simulator, pilots had to train with actual aircraft. This meant that the aircraft was not available to serve Bible translators and their communities. Now, with the simulator, the aircraft can serve Bible translation without interruption.

Nate delivers Ketengban New Testaments in Indonesia

“In some ways, you can actually do a better job of training because you can simulate problems and emergencies that you could never do in the aircraft,” Nate Gordon explains, recalling his experience as a YAJASI instructor before he came to serve at JAARS. In the simulator, an instructor can let a pilot’s mistakes go farther, even to the point of a crash. There are no consequences, except an exceptional learning experience for the pilot.

The simulator “is an excellent tool. It accomplishes exactly what [they] wanted it to,” Nate says.

This tool ensures that YAJASI’s pilots can handle the challenging flying conditions common to Indonesia and transport translators and language workers—safely and reliably—to remote villages.

YAJASI pilots have opportunities to touch the lives of people that almost no one else knows about. Their flights share God’s Word, and with it his love, to these remote communities.

Thank YOU for keeping God’s love soaring to remote people!

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The simulator ensures that YAJASI’s pilots can handle the challenging flying conditions common to Indonesia.


*YAJASI serves Bible translation in Indonesia through aviation, and JAARS provides their training and technical support structure.