You provide them with a lifeline

The Walagu airstrip is a lifeline for all:

Bible translators, medical evacuations, school teachers, and much more.

Celebrating the dedication of the Gospel of Luke in Walagu

Walagu, Papua New Guinea, has no road access. The only way—besides flying—to reach this village is many days of dangerous hiking.

Situated in a swampy valley, over time their airstrip was deteriorated by water and had to be shut down. With no heavy equipment, the community joined together to repair the airstrip by hand. They redirected a creek. They dug out the middle of the runway, filled the trench with hand-carried stones, and covered it with a thin layer of firm soil.

After several months, the airstrip is again being used for God’s glory!

Recently, a JAARS-provided aircraft and JAARS-trained pilot delivered some precious cargo. Praising God, the people carried boxes full of the translated Gospel of Luke to their church.


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Rachel Greco