You blessed his community with audio Scripture

Thirty years ago, the Hufi* people in South Asia had no Scripture. Today, believers like Arush* rejoice to finally possess God’s Word in their own language!

Arush grew up in a Christian family in South Asia. When he was 19, Arush beheld the beauty of Christ’s love and mercy and became a follower of Jesus. He joined the youth group where he learned more about the Lord.

Arush narrates the Hufi New Testament, which can then be placed in audio devices such as this one.

“Though I accepted Christ as my Savior,” Arush confesses, “I never thought to serve him. But then a miraculous incident changed all my perspectives on life.”

Along with his youth group, he began a prayer chain. Through this, God brought many youths to Christ. Forsaking bad habits, they surrendered their lives to Jesus! During this time, Arush worked as a school teacher. God helped him teach Bible stories to his students. After a few years, he resigned and the Lord gave him a burden to serve his community. He ministered to Hufi youth until he met one of the translators who had translated the New Testament into the Hufi language.

Intrigued, Arush told the translator to let him know if an opportunity for his help arose. He met the same man at a meeting later. The translator explained that his team was planning to record the printed Hufi New Testament. They needed voice characters for this audio version.

Arush immediately volunteered and auditioned. He was given the narrator’s role. “I was so blessed to [be able to] give my voice for the narrator’s role. This is just a small beginning, but I thank God for this opportunity. I am happy that through my voice giving, I can minister to the Lord.”

The translation team believes this audio version of the Bible—which you made possible—will benefit Hufi speakers greatly, because they’ll be able to use it individually, for Bible study groups, and for evangelism. It will also aid community members who don’t read. Hearing the gospel in a language they clearly understand will help them grow in their knowledge of Scripture, be transformed by what they hear, and glorify the Lord.

A Hufi speaker records the Hufi New Testament so that her people can have access to Scripture.

Arush’s prayer for his people is that they will use the Hufi audio Bible, and it will be a blessing to hearers.

*Names have been changed for security reasons.

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Rachel Greco