You gave them a new, powerful way to access God’s Word

The Colombia workshop began with a setback.

Mark’s colleague was sick, so Mark, the workshop leader, had to start it alone. Later Edgar, an implementation assistant, arrived from Mexico.

Edgar teaches participants how to create Scripture websites for their language communities.

Susan*—an audio-visual consultant for the local church—also helped by organizing and hosting the conference. She attended the workshop and built two websites.

Susan produces New Testament recordings and creates children’s videos which will find homes on websites built at this workshop. According to Mark, “[Such projects] provide significant motivation for translation teams to carry on with their efforts.”

All the participants were serious and eager to learn. Frank,* the pastor and leader of a small community of believers, came to build a website in his local language. This opportunity meant a lot to him since he’s spearheading the translation of the Old Testament into his language.

Frank struggled when certain characters of his language displayed incorrectly on his website. After Edgar devised a temporary solution, Frank finished and launched his website. Now many people will access the site on their cell phones.

*Name changed for security reasons.

Because of your help, those who speak and understand Frank’s language have a new and powerful way to access God’s Word: audio Scripture and JESUS films! You can ‘open’ God’s Word in new ways for Bibleless communities by giving to Media Solutions.

Rachel Greco